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Back in September 2020, Page Six released an article on Meghan Markle and how a presidential run wasn’t out of the question for the exiled Duchess of Sussex. I know she doesn’t have a title anymore since she gave up her role, so that’s the last time you’ll see me mention it.

The article claimed that Markle harbored serious ambitions to run for president of the United States and that the 39-year-old former “Suits” star now has her eye on the White House, a close friend told Vanity Fair.


According to the article, an unidentified friend told Vanity Fair that “One of the reasons she was so keen not to give up her American citizenship was so she had the option to go into politics. I think if Meghan and Harry ever gave up their titles, she would seriously consider running for president.”

She is a perfect fit for a politician: she has achieved nothing in life to benefit the public, has an issue with the truth, has experience playing the race card, and is a multimillion victim.

I would like to know exactly what makes her qualified to hold any office of any kind. What are her positions on issues of domestic and foreign policy? She has to be vetted like anyone else who has run for president, except Joe Biden. This is absolutely laughable. This whole interview and what was said about the royal family are publicity stunts to get her name out there and be famous for doing nothing. And look at us! We are actually wasting time on this! I don’t care about the royal family. We fought a whole war, so we don’t have to worry about them anymore.

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If you read Lady Colin Campbell’s biography of Meghan Markle, her two ambitions were to be more famous than Lady Diana and be president of the US.

She doesn’t get along with her own dad; she doesn’t get along with her husband’s family; she was considered a bit of a diva in Hollywood. Still, hey, she would make a great president because you know that job isn’t at all about persuading people who don’t see eye to eye with you.


Why would anyone think her capable of being president after she complained about the press coverage of her as an also-ran duchess? Maybe she needs to take a long hard look at how presidents are criticized for everything.

Anyone who marries into the British Royal Family must pledge fidelity and allegiance to the reigning monarch, that is British law. A US Citizen pledging allegiance to a foreign government or monarch or accepting a foreign title of nobility is a renouncement of US Citizenship, that is, American law. By US law Markle is no longer a US Citizen; she can not vote, she can not run for office, nor can she in any way be involved in the election process. Along with her husband and child, she is now a foreign national and can be deported.

I don’t think she will run for President. But I do think she could get her own TV talk show very similar to that racist Oprah Windbag – “Let’s talk about Race TV show.” Meghan could start every show with, “I want my freedom

I, for one, encourage her and would very much like to see this. It will help her personal growth when she realizes how irrelevant she is in the real world once she gets less than one percent of the primary vote. Looking pretty and making all the approved politically correct statements and liking the correct posts on Twitter, all while having no real solutions to problems and never accomplishing anything of substance, won’t get you elected president.


Of course, I am not serious about encouraging her to run.

I hope our collective national intelligence is not further insulted by Ms. Markle’s candidacy for any US political office. She has not shown the intelligence, discretion, or wisdom required for responsible adulthood, much less public office in these trying times. What sort of delusion is she laboring under that suggests she could do the job?

Holy Jesus, save us from this ill-considered folly.




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