There are some people on this earth who are so clueless, so narcissistic, and live in such an isolated bubble that they possess zero self-awareness.


These types of people surrounded themselves with so many “yes” people, that they actually believe all the smoke being blown up their butts is grounded in facts and reality.

It’s not.

These types of people are isolated from the real-world. They don’t know or care how normal people live their lives, and they think what happens in their gilded/golden world is actual reality.

It’s not. 

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This is who Meghan Markle is. She’s that completely clueless, narcissistic elite I just described above.

And yes, she’s that out-of-touch and ignorant.

That’s the only explanation for the new report we’re hearing about Meghan’s 2024 White House aspirations.


Now, these rumors about her “political desires” have been floating around for a while, so that’s nothing new…but this latest report claims that Meghan is now meeting with “senior” Dems to discuss a fundraising plan for her 2024 White House run.

Ha ha hah ha ha ha!!

From Page Six

Meghan Markle is reportedly already networking with senior Democrats to help her ambitions to become the first female US president.

The Duchess of Sussex previously told friends about her political ambitions — and now hopes her blockbuster Oprah Winfrey interview will strengthen support in the US, sources told the Mail on Sunday newspaper.

She has been openly networking among senior Democrats to help build fundraising teams and a campaign for the White House, according to a senior UK politician who served under former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair and has close ties to Washington.

“The Blairite, internationalist and Democratic party networks are buzzing with talk about Meghan’s political ambitions and potential backers,” the anonymous source told the UK paper.

Markle, 39, is thought to be looking at the 2024 campaign if President Biden, who will be 82, decides against running for a second term, the source said. If successful, it would make her the first female US president.

The woman, who just admitted that she can’t handle smiling and waving at a crowd without having a nervous breakdown, actually thinks in her self-absorbed elitist mind that she is “presidential” material.

I mean, you can’t make this kind of buffoonery up.


Can you imagine the top Dems that she’s meeting with? Are they so utterly clueless that they think some D-list actress from a show called “Suits” that literally nobody watched, and who has zero business or leadership experience whatsoever, would be qualified for anything in the US government?

Yes, they probably do…

Or are they looking at her thinking, “Dear God, noooooo” ??

Ane let’s not forget that Meghan Markle has the likeability factor of a Hillary Clinton – after that disastrous Oprah interview, her and Harry’s poll numbers in jolly ol’ England took a swan dive off a cliff — and rightfully so.

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This is just another example of a person who fell into a pile of money, who has too much time on her hands, and thinks waaaaay too highly of herself.



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