Marjorie Taylor Greene is one of the biggest agitators of the DC swamp rats, since President Trump.

And we love it!

Any time there’s even a whisper of corruption, she’s there with a bullhorn to call it out to the world.


And now she’s calling out Congress for their dirty tricks on passing horrible bills and amendments.

But don’t worry folks, she’s got a brilliant plan on how to stop it!

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Here’s what she said: “The American people don’t know MANY terrible bills and amendments get passed by a “voice vote.” With only 20 or so members of Congress saying “Yay” or “Nay.” Not all 435 members actually voting. If we call for a roll call vote, we all go on record. I like roll call votes.”

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And she’s already doing this…

As a matter of fact, last week Greene disrupted Dems plans and called for a “roll call vote” on an amendment that allowed convicted criminals to vote.

The Insider

“America does not love all its people,” Rep. Cori Bush, a progressive Democrat from Missouri, argued on the floor of the House, saying that more than 5 million Americans are prevented from taking part in an election because they are currently incarcerated.

On Tuesday, Bush and Rep. Mondaire Jones, a New York Democrat, offered an amendment to sweeping voting rights legislation, HR 1. The legislation, as written, would already restore that right for those with felony convictions, but not for those who are now behind bars — one in six of whom are Black.

“This cannot continue,” Bush said. “Disenfranchising our own citizens is not justice.”

The amendment failed. No Republican supported the amendment, and most Democrats opposed it too, leading it to be put down by a vote of 97 to 328.


This woman is truly a pioneer.

She and hopefully many others are going to lead the way in revolutionizing corrupt D.C. and start giving this country back to the American people.

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