Today Democrats suffered an epic failure when their bloated $15 minimum wage bill absolutely tanked on the Senate floor.


The bill was voted against by a whopping eight Democrats, one being Krysten Sinema, who definitely casted her vote in the most dramatic way.

Watch the video:

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And liberals on Twitter are of course, losing their minds over Sinema’s vote and her gesture while doing so.

I can’t believe my eyes @kyrstensinema. You owe an apology to every minimum wage worker. Not only for denying them an overdue wage increase, but for doing it in such a callous and flippant manner. That wasn’t cute. It was disgusting & shameful. And I say that as a Democrat.

Wait- was this today?!?
It’s quite the condescending little FU to all the Americans out there who can’t support their families while working 40 hours a week, so I’m not sure it’s the “cool girl” look she thinks it is. 🙄

This should be the end of @SenatorSinema career. Absolutely disgusting.

We here in AZ are done with her. We will primary her, it’s time. She’s showed who she really is time and time again

She might as well have stuck up her middle finger-because that’s a middle finger to struggling Americans.


Ha! It’s absolutely hilarious how Sinema is literally the Mitt Romney of the left.

But good for her for not voting this ridiculous bill!

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