Oprah Winfrey is back on the map again.

She splashed onto the scene with a big bombshell interview with Meghan and Harry.

As you likely know by now, during that interview, which was a ratings winner, Meghan and Harry threw the entire Royal Family under the bus when they accused them of being “racists.”


Oprah loves this kind of stuff – she loves stoking the fires of racism and divisiveness. Anything for ratings and to keep that Dem agenda going strong…

Wouldn’t it be nice if Oprah used her fame and her platform to highlight actual problems going on in the world, instead of letting a couple of bazillionaires whine for an hour?

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That’s what conservative actor Kevin Sorbo is wondering…and he has a question for Oprah – and it’s one that I don’t think she could answer.

Here’s what Kevin said: “So when is Oprah going to be interviewing the people who lost their pipeline jobs?”



Kevin hit the nail on the head with this one, and many people agree with him. Here are some of the responses:

Or the families of the seniors who died in NY State nursing homes? Or the parents of kids who’ve lost a year of school, and are dying of suicide because of it? Or the folks whose businesses have closed, losing everything they had? #OprahDoesntCare #RestartKeystoneXL #Priorities

Right after she interviews D-list celebrities who everyone forgot about.

Right after she’s done dividing the country by claiming there is rampant white supremacy and racism.

She can’t make it about race or bigotry so never.

It’s high time that we hold people like Oprah accountable.

She has a massive reach and she should be using it to “unite” and “help” people, not cause more race-baiting and elitism.

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