Gas prices are skyrocketing in America and boy oh boy is the left kicking into overdrive to try and take any blame off of Biden for it.


Despite the fact that these skyrocketing prices are coinciding with his destruction of America’s oil independence, the left is still completely convinced that Biden has nothing to do with it. Sorry, but cutting off our oil independence has an impact. Not saying it’s the ONLY reason, but it has an impact, and to suggest otherwise, is partisan propaganda.

As we all know – presidents often take ownership of a lot of things that they aren’t “fully” responsible for. Just ask President Trump.

And that’s why actor Kevin Sorbo just posted a damning picture and one big question that the left will be hard-pressed to argue their way out of.

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Those prices are outrageous, right?

Can you imagine the outrage if this type of hike had happened under Trump?

People would literally be calling for his head on a platter.

What’s even more sickening is the media’s desperate attempts to take the heat off of Biden’s rising gas prices.

Just check out this article from USA Today titled “Fact check: Joe Biden isn’t to blame for rising diesel prices. Demand is causing a spike.”

From USA Today

The claim: Diesel prices jumped from $1.69 to $3.19 since Biden took office, and the president is to blame
A new party in the White House means it’s time for an American tradition — the blame game. Anything wrong in the world is now the fault of the 2-month old administration. Or the fault of the prior administration, depending on your political persuasion.

With gas prices on the move, this exercise is in full effect on social media. That includes a widely shared March 10 Facebook post.

“When Sleepy Joe Came In Diesel Was $1.69,” it reads. “Today Diesel Is $3.19. Thanks To All That Voted For This Clown.”

They’re working overtime to cover for Biden, practically tripping over themselves to pad the way for him – these are the same “pros” who shredded Trump every chance they got and never gave him a fair shake. This is why the majority of people don’t trust the media.


The double-standard here is just sickening.

It’s really mind-boggling how the media will inflate any issue during Trump’s time in office, but any legitimate concerns with Biden they’re quick to throw a bucket of cold water on.

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