Are you sitting down?


If not, you may want to take a seat, because what I’m about to tell you might shock you so much that you end up fainting.

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It involves CNN and today’s WH presser.

Look, when you’ve lost the lapdogs over at CNN, you know your goose is cooked..and Jen found that out today when CNN’s WH correspondent Kaitlan Collins lobbed a grenade at her with a really pointed and heated question about the border.


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Collins, who has a raging case of Stage Five TDS, actually did her job here and called out the Biden admin for the cruddy and dangerous handling of the border situation.

Of course, Collins was only focused on the “kids in cages” storyline – when the actual story goes more like this: illegal alien minors are being trafficked and treated like slaves with the blessing of the Joe Biden White House, and Biden is also infecting Americans with COVID-sick illegal aliens, and flooding our country with low-wage workers at a time when Americans are suffering the most.

That’s the real story…but hey, I’ll toss Kaitlin a bone for making Jen Psaki stammerer and stumble during the presser.


Listen to Jen’s so-called “answer” about all the Biden “children” living in a “jail-like” facility – there really is no answer – and if there were, it’d be hard to find it with all the stammering and “um’s” she keeps saying.

Jen Psaki is in so far over her head it isn’t even funny.

You can watch the video below:

This is exactly what we figured would happen when Team Biden “took over.”

They have absolutely no plan for the border, at a time when “immigration” is one of the top election items and one of the biggest concerns for law-abiding/patriotic Americans.

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And Team Biden has got some very big shoes to fill since President Trump had things amazingly under control at the border, considering the Dems and GOP establishment fought him the whole way.

So, it’s a stark contrast to go from that success to the instantaneous failure of  Biden the moment he was placed in the White House.

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