The moment I saw this tweet, I knew I had to get it to you.


It’s just 8-little-words, but it’s perfectly brilliant.

It totally sums up the abject failure of Biden’s so-called “presidency” by comparing his biggest accomplishment to President Trump’s.

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I have been noticing online that so many people are genuinely regretting their vote for Biden.

Part of that I blame on people just being low-info zombies, but a lot of that blame goes to the media and big tech as well. Nobody has interfered in an election more than the media and our big tech overlords. The anti-Trump fake news was at a fever pitch during the campaign, and any real negative news coming out about Joe was being censored by big tech.

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So, a lot of people who are not all that politically savvy did not get to hear what was actually going on. You’ll recall how Twitter and FB refused to let the Hunter laptop story spread. I mean, how can anyone see that level of partisan censorship and not call it election interference?

But we all know what went down in 2020, and now here we are with arguably the worst “president” this country has ever had, and he’s only been in office for about a month.


And most of the people who are angriest online are complaining about the fact that Joe’s already broke a slew of campaign promises, and instead of helping his voters and America, he’s bombing Syria.

And his latest move involving children’s writer Dr. Seuss really takes the cake.

He “canceled” the popular books.

From New York Post

President Biden removed mentions of Dr. Seuss from Read Across America Day amid accusations of “racial undertones” in the classic, whimsical tales for children.

Read Across America Day, started by the National Educational Association in 1998 as a way to promote children’s reading, is even celebrated on the author’s March 2 birthday.

In his presidential proclamation, Biden noted that “for many Americans, the path to literacy begins with story time in their school classroom,” USA Today reported.

But unlike his two predecessors, former Presidents Donald Trump and Barack Obama, Biden did not mention Dr. Seuss.

The move comes as Dr. Seuss’ work has generated controversy following a study highlighting a lack of diversity among the author’s characters.

And that absurd, stupid move leads me to this great tweet that I saw, which again, sums all of this up in 8-little words.

Here’s what Trump supporter “Jeff” said: “Trump took down ISIS. Biden took down Dr. Seuss.”

I know it’s short and sweet, but it’s true.

It really says a lot more than meets the eye, too.

President Trump was serious about helping Americans and keeping this country safe…while Joe, who can barely string a sentence together, is playing silly “woke” games while Americans suffer.


As if our kids aren’t already getting shafted by Biden and the Dems by being forced to stay out of school, now beloved books are removed.

This is just far-left “cancel culture” silliness, and it’s being promoted and endorsed by the (pretend) leader of the free world.


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