When Joe’s presser first started he looked half-way decent (by Biden standards) and I thought he might pull off a semi-okay presser.


But as this thing rolls on, he’s starting to falter.

Joe has a problem with his keeping his train of thought on track. And no, it’s not a “childhood stutter.” It looks more like old age, or some kind of cognitive issue.

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He can’t seem to find the words.

It’s not like he’s “stumbling” over the words as you might with a stutter – he just appears to no longer remember the words.

What type of cognitive issues do you think Joe Biden Has?

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You can see that clearly happens in this clip, where Joe is desperately trying to get his thought out and he just can’t do it.


Eventually, he just gives up, puts his head down sadly, and sighs, “Anyway….”

He knows he’s struggling. He looks defeated and maybe even a touch sad.

You can watch the video below:

It’s cruel and uncomfortable to make the American people sit and watch this from their so-called “president,” and it’s also horrid to put this elderly man through this.

The American people know what’s going on. None of this s normal, and the Dems and media trying to make it seem “okay,” isn’t working.


This is not how presidents or anyone n any leadership position behave.



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