There are times that I actually feel really sorry for Joe Biden.


Yes, I know he’s done a lot of corrupt stuff, and he’s being used as a puppet of destruction, but I am still human, and there are times when I look at him and all I see is an unwell elderly man who doesn’t even know what the heck is going on around him and I feel bad.

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My grandmother had Alzheimer’s and she lived with us through the begging to middle stages of the disease. Biden’s actions remind me a lot of her…that’s probably why I sometimes feel bad.

So, when I saw this video clip of Biden that everyone on the internet is talking about, I got that pang of sadness because he looks so feeble, confused, and out of it.

But don’t worry, I feel more sorry for the country…we’re in a mess with this guy.

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At any rate, Biden gave a short speech, yesterday, where he referred to Kamala as “President Harris.” Clearly, he was having a bad day, he seemed really out of it, and confused. And as he was walking away, many people believe that he reached out to take hold of Kamala’s hand.


You be the judge:

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Here’s what some folks said when asked “Did Biden just try to hold Kamala’s hand?”

“He thought it was his wife. No, his sister. No, his wife.”

“No, he was giving way to the real president”

“I think Biden was expecting Kamala to take his hand and lead him away.”

“What an utter embarrassment for us.”

“I believe you are correct. Next thing he’ll be calling her Jill or his sister and throw himself at her and @KamalaHarris will cackle or shove him onto the floor. That’s how bizarre this zone we’re living in is.”

I watched this video several times, and I honestly think he did reach out to take hold of her hand, probably because he’s used to being led around by Jill.

Even though our media won’t admit it, Mr. Biden is not well. It’s obvious to everyone that he’s declining quickly.


I’m sure behind the scenes he’s led around and gets a lot of help from his wife, aides, and handlers – so it’s only natural that he’d reach out for a hand “involuntarily.”

Of course, that’s just my opinion…the media will likely tell you that’s not the case.

They’ll say he didn’t reach out to take Kamala’s hand…it’s just a “childhood stutter.”



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