Well. since Biden is clearly incapable of even walking up a flight of stairs, it looks like Jill is slapping on her best set of high-traction sneakers and hitting the road.


While usually, First Ladies take part in most non-partisan activities, it appears that Jill has no other choice but to get out there and talk up her husband, considering the fact that he’s not able to that for himself.

Jill is reportedly getting ready to take a big victory lap on the recently passed stimulus bill and will be touring different parts of the country to talk it up.

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Looks like Biden is officially having his “Woodrow Wilson” moment where his wife is literally running the country for him while he’s asleep at the wheel.

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Scary stuff.

From Red State

Traditionally, first ladies head up some largely non-partisan, pet project and stick to that. To the extent that they have any role in governance, it’s extremely unusual for them to involve themselves with highly political matters such as a bill that passed on a party-line vote. Melania Trump had her no-bullying campaign. Michelle Obama made school lunches taste terrible.

So why is Jill Biden once again pretending she’s an elected official? I’d guess it’s for the same reason she’s done so many “joint” interviews with her husband, appearing with him to be his handler and interject when his mind starts to melt (see Jill and Joe Biden Do Yet Another Joint Interview, and It’s Really Awkard). Not only is Jill nakedly ambitious, far more than any first lady in recent memory, Joe Biden simply doesn’t function at a high enough level to fulfill the duties of his office alone. Thus, you get Jill running around acting as if she’s actually the president. It’s really, really awkward.

With the actual president unable to travel at a high rate alone to promote his big “achievement,” his wife is taking on that role, while Joe mostly meanders around and heads home to Delaware every weekend, making the occasional trip as he did to Atlanta recently (here’s Biden’s travel schedule). The current president is the least independent entity in the position in modern history, so Jill is taking the opportunity to play-act as one, in my opinion.

There’s another aspect of this, though. Remember, under Obama, not only did the president himself travel around promoting his stimulus bill, but he charged a then far more mentally fit Joe Biden with doing the same and pushing certain projects. While Harris has found herself mostly sidelined in the first few months of the new administration, she and her husband are said to be hitting the road as well, but it’s an awkward mix of power roles with Jill being so prominently featured. Whether there’s any friction there, who knows.


Of course, Jill taking over isn’t a problem for liberals.

They’ll say Joe Biden isn’t struggling to carry out his presidential duties — no, no — he’s just a male feminist, giving his wife a bigger role.

The only problem is that Jill Biden wasn’t voted president and neither was Joe for that matter…

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