Joe Biden is over fifty days into his presidency and thus far is been one big slip up after another.

He’s struggled to release the stimulus, he’s got a massive border crisis, skyrocketing gas prices, and bombing in the Middle East.


And on top of all of it, he’s barely spoken to the press, and anything he’s said to the American people has either been unintelligible or scripted to high-heaven.

Why is that?

Well, during Jesse Watters’ segment on Fox News, he revealed something Juan Williams said which puts everything with Biden’s MIA “presidency” in perspective.

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Juan stated that his aides don’t want Biden speaking publicly due to the fact that he’ll “fumble.”

It’s pretty terrifying that even Juan knows that Biden is incapable of carrying out his duties as “president.”

Watch the video:

Also, why is nobody on the left talking about what an absolute failure this stimulus bill is?

When Biden was running for president he promised $2,000 checks to every American, but now he’s hanging his hat on a bill which is $600 short of his promise – and those checks certainly didn’t go out on “day one.”

But fear not, because according to CNN, Biden’s stimulus bill will apparently bring about an economic boom that will rival China.

What the heck?


Here’s the headline: After Biden stimulus, US economic growth could rival China’s for the first time in decades.

Good grief.

From CNN

For decades, China’s economy has grown much faster than America’s. That trend is likely to be broken in 2021 as the US recovery from the pandemic gains momentum.

Economists are swiftly upgrading their US growth forecasts as Covid vaccinations accelerateand after Washington enacted a $1.9 trillion stimulus package that is far larger than many thought possible just a few months ago.

Goldman Sachs is calling for 2021 US GDP growth of 6.9%, the fastest since 1984. Morgan Stanley is even more bullish, predicting 7.3% growth. That would surpass the Chinese government’s humble target of 6%. More importantly, these Wall Street estimates for the US’ pace are not far from the 8.4% consensus forecast for China among economists polled by Refinitiv.

All of this means that US GDP growth could rival or perhaps even surpass that of China. This would be a remarkable achievement because the United States is a much more mature economy — and was blown away by China’s explosive growth out of the Great Recession.


Can you imagine CNN running a headline like that for Trump’s stimulus?

Yet another example of what a complete sham our media is.

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