Jen Psaki is having a rough go of it – partly because she’s in way over her head, and the other reason is that the press is giving her a hard time because of Joe’s absurd policies.


Even CNN is getting snarky…and you know Jen and Joe are in trouble when CNN turns on you.

MORE NEWS: [VIDEO] CNN Takes Poor Jen Psaki Down With Tough Question That Causes Her to “Stammer”

But Jens biggest problem in the WH briefing room is actually a lanky, baby-faced blonde-haired Fox News reporter named Peter Doocy.

Doocy is the more sane and professional version of Jim Acosta – and Peter is asking tough/good questions, not throwing a narcissistic hissy fit for attention like Jim did everyday.

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Peter is on a roll when it comes to cornering Jen over Biden’s goofy and dangerous policies.

And he didn’t hold back today.


This afternoon, Jen got her fanny handed to her by Ddoocy when he brought up the COVID-sicky’s who are crossing the border.

You can watch the video below:

Jen couldn’t answer the questions, because there’s no logical explanation available.

This is just more hypocrisy and dangerous “woke” policies that Biden’s handlers are pushing.


Biden and his handlers don’t care about Americans’ safety — in my opinion, all they really care about is building a new voting block, and pacifying their open-borders communists.  supporters.

I’m glad we have actual reporters like Peter who are doing their job and calling these dangerous anti-American policies out.


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