If you want to talk about a big “game-changer” in terms of the January 6th melee, I’ve got one for you.


As you know, we’ve been told time and time again that Parler was the social media site that started the so-called “insurrection” at the Capitol.

The Dems and the media said that the “insurrection” was born on Parler and grew there and turned into the so-called “horrific nightmare” that has scarred and destroyed filthy rich liberal elite politicians for the rest of their lives. 🙄

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However, we know that isn’t what happened – there were more posts on Facebook about a Jan 6th uproar than Parler…yet, even so, Dems and media, and silicon valley still yanked Parler offline. Just wiped them off the face of the planet…

But now, we’ve got even more damning info to share.

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I bet you didn’t know that Parler was alerted the FBI 50 times about Jan 6th posts that they felt were concerning.

50 times…before January 6th.


So, the FBI was fully-100% aware of what was possibly coming – and they knew what was coming, thanks to Parler, who were acting in good faith…yet they were still yanked off and treated like absolute terrorists.

From American Greatnesss 

Parler, the free speech social media platform maligned by political partisans and their media associates has responded with a letter to the House Oversight Committee which is currently investigating the company for failing to “police” its content before the January 6th riot.

The social media company reports it alerted the FBI more than 50 times of posts indicating the  violent action at the Capitol posted on its site. The Wall Street Journal reports:

The social-media site referred a number of posts to law enforcement, including one on Dec. 24 from a user who called for an “armed force” of 150,000 people to “react to the congressional events of January 6,” according to the letter, which included the post and communications with FBI officials among its exhibits and has been reviewed by The Wall Street Journal.

Parler said it forwarded to the Federal Bureau of Investigation on Jan. 2 a series of posts from a user saying he would be wearing body armor to the pro-Trump rally on Jan. 6. “It’s no longer a protest,” Parler quoted the post as saying. “This is a final stand where we are drawing the red line at Capitol Hill. I trust the American people will take back the USA with force and many are ready to die to take back #USA.”
Lawyers representing Parler, Michael S. Dry and Ephraim “Fry” Wernick, wrote in the letter to the Oversight Committee, “These referrals represent only a fraction of the dozens of posts with violent rhetoric that Parler collected and forwarded to the FBI for investigation in the days leading up to January 6th.”

Parler has come under fire from its competitors over the company’s free speech policy, which does not curate user feeds or use purported fact checkers to suppress political opinions deemed unacceptable by elite thought leaders in the mainstream culture. The platform was blacklisted by big tech companies like Amazon who terminated their hosting services and Apple and Google who removed the Parler application from their stores to prevent downloads of the social media app.

Although the Democrat-controlled Oversight Committee is targeting Parler, an independent study by Forbes revealed that in the over 200 charging documents filed by DOJ in connection with the Capitol riots, 73 included references to post on Facebook, 24 referenced YouTube, and 20 referenced Instagram. In contrast, there were only 8 references to Parler. In addition, the FBI thanked Parler for helping law enforcement before and after January 6, reports the Journal.

“Far from being the far-right instigator and rogue company that Big Tech has portrayed Parler to be, the facts conclusively demonstrate that Parler has been a responsible and law-abiding company focused on ensuring that only free and lawful speech exists on its platform,” Messrs. Dry and Wernick wrote.

So, the bigger question now is – what did the FBI do with that information, and who did they share it with on the Dem side?

Also, who were these online users that Parler turned in? Have they been identified?

Because we all know that Feds post online “undercover.” So, can we confirm that these posts came from non-federal people?


And we know with proof – why Parler was removed – it wasn’t because of the “insurrection” threat – it was because they didn’t want Trump speaking out.

Many people who don’t trust the government, will now think that the FBI helped set up a lot of Trump’s supporters and handed the Dems this “domestic terrorism” narrative on a silver platter.


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