Wow. Hillary is not looking good – and I don’t mean that in a catty way (well, maybe just a little)…But more in a “healthy way.”


Look, I am certainly not a fan of Hildabeast, by any stretch of the imagination, but when I clicked on this clip of the Jennifer Palmeri podcast, featuring Hillary Clinton, I couldn’t get over how sickly she looks.

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Dare I say, she actually looks “ghoulish.”

You have to wonder if she’s okay or not? Her skin color is almost gray. Maybe that’s bad lighting? I doubt it, given the rest of the issues she’s got goin’ on. Her eyes look lifeless, except for the giant puffy bags underneath, and her face is so drawn and bloated.

I have to say it —because it’s true — she looks like George Soros.

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But seriously, besides the cattiness, she really doesn’t look good.

And what she’s talking about isn’t all that “good” either.

Hillary joined Palmeri to discuss how America has a “gun-worshiping” problem.


Okay, this coming from a woman who belongs to a party of environmental kooks that treat house plants like they have “Constitutional rights.”

You can watch the video below:

Here’s what some people had to say about the topic of the podcast:

“Let those without armed bodyguards cast the first stone.”

“Bill has a intern worshipping problem ask Epstein oh wait that’s right”

“Is there anyone remaining alive who actually wants to hear from her?!”

“Love that all these Uber rich wealthy liberals, who have ARMED security guards around them 24/7, like to tell us we have an unhealthy relationship with guns & how we cannot have them – like really are you assh*les for real”

“Says “what difference does it make” Clinton.”

“Dude! She looks awful. All of them: She, Biden, Pelosi, McConnell…our leaders….”

“Straight up looks like Soros in a wig”

This from a do nothing secretary of state @HillaryClinton… why dont you just go away you anti-american dung slinger”


Perhaps Hillary needs to step away from politics for a while and focus on herself and her health.

It’s true for so many of our politicians on both sides of the aisle, but mainly Democrats – the darkness and ugliness of our swampy government just seeps into their pores.

These people get into politics and it’s so corrupt that it starts eating away at them from the inside out.


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