Geraldo Rivera, who considers himself a Republican and Trump supporter, has really gone off the deep end.

In truth, he’s barely a conservative at this point and seems to just being using that as a talking point to try and drum up more attention for himself.


And no where is that more evident than his latest rant against Trump following his CPAC speech, where Geraldo has declared that in order for Trump to regain his support, he’ll need to apologize and take ownership of the events on January 6th.

Then he makes matters even worse by stating that GOP’ers like McConnell and Liz Cheney are what he supports most in the party.

I mean, is this guy actually listening to himself?

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Watch the video:

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He was of course, blasted online for this bizarre message:

apologize for what? the police should have taken the knee. hopefully, BLM will go back and train them again to kneel at 1A protests!

Apologize for WHAT? He did nothing wrong

apologize for saying “peacefully and patriotically”? Cmon Geraldo!

Apologize for what? The media and your ilk should apologize for sensationalizing every news story. It’s what you do, and the actions of people are the direct result of the media

He has nothing to apologize for. The election was a a total fraud


Geraldo might as well just turn in his Republican card and become a Democrat at this point.

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