I’m telling you, it doesn’t pay to be “woke.”


It’s a fool’s game and always ends in some form of misery.

Sometimes the karma takes a while to hit, but other times, like in the case of Georgetown University, it hits really, really fast.

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Last night during a playoff game between Colorado University and Georgetown, the entire Colorado team stood for the anthem, while everyone on Georgetown took a knee.

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In the end, Colorada beat Goegtown by a whopping 23-points and knocked the “woke” team right outta the playoffs.



From The Post Millennial

The entire Colorado team remained standing during the playing of The Star-Spangled Banner.
The Georgetown team has taken a knee for the national anthem during past games, particularly after the Jan 6 riot at the United States capitol. While the team did not state an explicit reason for kneeling, it could be related to the recent shooting spree in Atlanta, Georgia.

However, the historically well-regarded Georgetown team fumbled during the tournament game, losing to Colorado by 96-73. The loss caused Georgetown to be eliminated from the single-elimination tournament.

Georgetown fell behind Colorado at the beginning of the game, and was never able to catch up.
Colorado will move on to play against Florida State University in the second round.

Maybe instead of focusing on political statements, and turning a college sport into “woke activism,” these players should focus more on practicing their game and fine-tuning their skills so they can win the big games?

This is what happens when you lose focus on what you’re really out there to do…you lose in an utterly humiliating defeat.


Now, these players will have all the time in the world to kneel at home in their bedrooms while other teams go on to play and win games.


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