The George Floyd trial is underway and fear and tension about what the verdict will be and what will happen as a result are palpable.

Last summer, BLM and ANTIFA groups burned many cities to the ground after George Floyd died during his arrest.


A photo of Floyd laying on the ground, while a smug-looking officer kneeled on his neck ignited a furry.  Many Americans were appalled by the pic – I was one of them – but once again the left went too far and tried to turn Mr. Floyd into a “civil rights” hero as a way to somehow justify the total destruction of businesses, homes, and over 20 people who were killed as a result.

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In reality, Mr. Floyd led a very difficult and sometimes violent criminal life – but that doesn’t mean he deserved to die like that.

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Many reports indicate Mr. Floyd was trying to turn his life around, which is admirable, we all make mistakes – but apparently, he was still fighting the drug demons.

And that brings up a possible “game-changer” bit of evidence that the defense wants to be introduced ASAP.

The defense claims that Mr. Floyd was attempting to ingest drugs in the back of the police car, and they have two pills with Mr. Floyd’s DNA on them as “proof.’


A local reporter broke the story on Twitter:

Here’s what she said:

“New info in #GeorgeFloydcase – defense wants new evidence allowed in trial that defense found in police squad car that they say shows Floyd was taking drugs while in police squad car before he died.The evidence is two pills with Floyds DNA on it.”

We obviously want the truth to come out, but this country will be on the brink of collapse if/when the verdict comes down and it’s not what BLM and ANTFA want to hear.

That’s just a fact.


Speaking of that – here’s the scene outside the courthouse now, with activists chanting “F**k the police.”


Many believe that the police were “overcharged” to begin with and that this trial was always destined to end in a way that would not leave Floyd supporters satisfied.

But it’s his family that my heart goes out to. None of this can be easy, and I know they never wanted to see America burned down in George’s name.

I also feel bad for the officers – and I hope the entire story comes out and the truth will eventually help set everyone free and heal…but it’s going to get very dark before it gets better, thanks to rotten politicians and the fake news media who just love to stoke the embers of hate and division.

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