Fox News has made a very clear and concise decision.


They’re not interested in being a network that supports “America First.”

They are the establishment now, and they are heavily pushing the “establishment” agenda, which of course is all about open borders and amnesty.

There’s nothing the establishment GOP hacks want more than to pacify their big-money donors by giving them an endless supply of low-wage workers.

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It’s starting to unfold now on Fox News, but you will see the big push happen next week.

Here’s what’s going down:

First off, we have another GOP traitor in the mix. Her name is Maia Elvira Salazar and she won a Democrat seat in Florida riding on Trump’s coattails.

And now that she’s in office, her true colors are showing.


She’s a globalist, and she’s pushing HARD for amnesty – and she went to the one place that supports her agenda, to sell her amnesty plan: Fox News.

This woman who was elected thanks to President Trump, is now working her tail off to give millions of illegal aliens “legality” at a time when Americans are at their most vulnerable.

And Fox News is helping her get that message out, and pushing it hard for her right now — and it will only get worse by next week.

From Breitbart 

Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar (R-FL) suggests a Republican-led amnesty plan for millions of illegal aliens living in the United States could be unveiled “probably next week.”

In an interview with Fox Business Network’s Larry Kudlow, Salazar said she is working on her own piece of legislation that would give “legality” to millions of illegal aliens.

“What would the GOP do? That’s exactly what we’re trying to put together and we’re going to have something for you and for the viewers probably next week,” Salazar said.

Salazar said providing an amnesty to illegal aliens who have been in the U.S. for at least five years is necessary to “send a message to the Latinos or the browns in this country that we in the Republican Party, we have the same values entrenched in our party that are in their hearts.”

“Don’t you think that the Republican Party should be talking to people like me? Well, we have not,” Salazar claimed. “We have not done it. Why? For whatever reason.”

Despite Salazar’s claims, former President Donald Trump had increased his support among Hispanic Americans between 2016 to 2020 from 28 percent to 32 percent after surging interior immigration enforcement and reducing overall legal immigration levels to boost U.S. wages and job opportunities for the lowest of wage-earners.

This is why Fox News had to get rid of President Trump.

They are the party of the establishment. They are the voice of the “Mitch McConnell’s” and “Mitt Romney’s” and all the other globalists who would sell out America for a dime.

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And it’s amazing, they’re not even waiting to push this stuff – we’ve got the traitors coming out in full force, and Fox News backing them up.

And by the way, Larry is the guy Fox put in to replace Lou Dobbs…are you seeing the plan unfold yet? It’s right before your eyes…

If you want to show Fox News who’s boss here’s what you can do:


  1. Don’t watch anything, not even “friendly” shows on Fox News. Turn them off.
  2. If you want to watch your favorite shows, watch them on Youtube or social media (not Fox’s Youtube channel).
  3. Do not click on ANY Fox News or New York Post article at all.
  4. Cancel all subscriptions you may have to any Fox News app or program they offer.
  5. Block Fox News on social media do not retweet them or promote them.

If you’re looking for broadcast alternatives, go with OANN or Newsmax.

If we follow these five steps, we will send a very clear and very powerful message to these traitors and to Paul Ryan, that they can’t use us for our ratings and loyalty, and then sail us down the river later.

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At this point, there’s no excuse to be supporting and paying the enemy to literally destroy everything we’ve worked for. It’s insane. Cut Fox News out of your life.

Here is the website for Maria Elvira Salazar.

We need to vet our candidates better and get rid of every Republican with this anti-American globalist agenda.


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