Megyn Kelly is getting more “red-pilled” by the minute.


On Monday, the podcaster and former Fox host Megyn Kelly fired off a nuke at a Dr. Fauci after he declared that he couldn’t yet give “exact dates” on when people can hold indoor weddings.

This man getting absurd.

Meanwhile, we lowly peasants have sat back and watched elite politicians and swanky Hollywood celebs party it up at French restaurants, and Grammy parties.  Not to mention, our borders are wide open and anyone coming through could be infected.

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But “we the people” can’t host our friends and family at a wedding or a BBQ in some states?

Dr. Fauci has found himself in a lot of trouble lately, as many are claiming that is “making things up” as he goes along.

We’re getting conflicting info on vaccines and masks, and Fauci seems more “political” than “scientific” to many observers.

And one person who is getting sick and tired of the “Fauci double-talk” is Megyn Kelly, and she let him know it…loud and clear.


Kelly tweeted out the video clip of Fauci discussing indoor weddings and added a message for him.

Here’s what Fauci said: “I can’t give you the exact date” when asked when people could schedule indoor weddings.”

And this was Megyn’s response: “Not sure who misled you on this, sir, but you don’t control us.”

What Megyn just said is what millions of Americans have been thinking, saying, and screaming about for a long time now.

We’re coming up on the one-year anniversary of “15 days to slow the spread,” and there’s no real end in sight.

Daily, we’re told new info about vaccines – and how even if we take it, we still can’t be “normal.”


We’re told to wear no masks, then ordered to wear one mask, and now, nearly a year later, we’re told: “Oops, sorry, make that two masks…”

And on and on we go with this confusing buffoonery – and all the while, Americans are losing their hope, lives, and their businesses.

Megyn is right, this man does not control us — however, for the past year, he has…enough is enough.


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