The US Military – namely the Marine Corps made a dastardly blunder recently online when they went after Tucker Carlson – a private citizen and a reporter when he questioned the US government and the direction the “woke” military is taking.


Tucker was responding to Joe Biden’s recent comments on maternity uniforms for fighter pilots. Biden made the comments during a nationally televised promotion of two female Generals. It was an asinine “woke” thing to discuss instead of their professional excellence.

That, and the fact that the military is now more focussed on “woke issues” than what’s happening with China’s ever-growing navy, was the crux of Tucker’s argument.

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And he was right.

MORE NEWS: US Marine Corps Official Twitter Account Forced to Issue 2 Apologies After Attacking Tucker

The official US Marine Corps Twitter account lashed out at Tucker, and called him a “boomer.” That’s a name many people believe is a derogatory term for older Americans from the “Baby Boom” generation.

The official Marine Corps account had to issue several apologies after they faced unspeakable backlash for the attack on Tucker and fee speech.

But it wasn’t just that account. Many high-ranking officials within the military got in on the trolling as well, and published videos and tweets attacking a civilian for their criticism of the government.

What is this, North Korea?

Don Jr. saw all of this going down, and after the dust settled a bit, he issued a dire warning for our newly “woke” military…and if they know what’s good for them, they’ll listen.

Here’s what Jr. said: “While China is wholly focused on building up their military so that they can displace us as the preeminent super power on the world stage, our Military Brass is going full mean girls on a talk show host and focusing their energy on proving their wokeness. Music to China’s ears!”

It’s amazing how the left’s woke “cancel culture” and “political correctness” has permeated everything that conservatives once held sacred.

Now, our churches and elementary schools are a haven for PC Marxism. We have public libraries holding Drag Queen Story Hours, and Evangelical churches are performing gay marriages, and don’t get me started on Obama’s Pope…all in the name of so-called progression and inclusivity.


As conservatives, we should be ashamed that we were unable to conserve the things that we hold dearest…and now, the military is following the same woke fate.

We have no one to blame but ourselves. Until we stand up bravely and actually fight these commies the right way, everything we hold near and dear will be transformed by the left.


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