Americans are scratching their heads right now.


Why on earth can’t the FBI identify who left the bombs at the RNC and DNC on January 6th?

DC is a city with the most cameras on earth, and only a few days ago they released some grainy footage of a possible suspect. But they did it in such a “meh” way, it’s like they have no interest in finding out who the culprit is.

Here’s the video:

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Furthermore, what’s going on with Officer Sicknick’s death?

And why were the media and Dems allowed to falsely claim this was a “murder” for weeks? Only recently have we discovered that it wasn’t actually a murder, and now suddenly everyone’s gone radio silent.

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Last month, Dinesh floated a theory about what’s really going on with the FBI and the Capitol.

He was responding to a tweet from independent journalist Mike Cernovich who wanted to know why the FBI still didn’t know who left the bombs at the RNC and DNC.

Here’s what Dinesh said in response:

“Could it be that they know but aren’t telling? The FBI seems to go silent whenever the identity of the perpetrators don’t fit the progressive narrative”

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Dinesh hit the nail on the head – they likely know exactly who it is, but it doesn’t fit with the narrative that Trump supporters are “insurrectionists” so they’re not telling us that it was Antifa or BLM who planted it (probably) right?. Makes logical sense.

And that brings us to the next question – what’s the heck is going on with Brian Sicknick?

We were told (falsely) early-on that Mr. Sicknick was killed by a “Trump supporter” who beat him to death with a fire extinguisher.

The media ran that fake story for weeks…and now that we know it wasn’t true, the media is suddenly silent about it.

But more concerning than the media being silent is the FBI is being quiet as church mice.

What gives?

Well, Dinesh thinks he knows..and pay attention to that SAVAGE nickname he gave the feds.



Here’s what Dinesh said: “The FBI has not released any photos of suspects in Brian Sicknick’s death. You know why? Because they don’t have any. And why not? Because Sicknick wasn’t murdered. And that’s what the FBI doesn’t want you to know, because it blows away their fake narrative #CrooksWithBadges”

A lot of people truly believe that the FBI is rotten to the core. Many feel like this once well-respected bureau is now seen as “political activists” by a huge chunk of Americans. It’s troubling to see.

And Dinesh, who’s been a direct victim of the “politicized feds” thanks to Obama, really nailed it with his savage new nickname…

“Crooks With Badges.”


But, is he wrong?


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