Dems and media have been working overtime to push this new story that there are hateful, anti-government “Qanon militia” groups who are plotting to overthrow the government.


Apparently, this is why DC looks like a scene out of “Hunger Games.”

Biden has thousands of military personnel stationed in DC to protect the nation’s Capitol from a group of people who research a lot online.

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Meanwhile, Biden has our borders wide open, with people pouring in, many with COVID…but hey, gotta protect the country from middle-age Qanon folks…that’s the “real” danger.

It’s gotten so silly that they’re now giving “dates” when invasions are supposed to go down.

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Apparently, March 4th was Q-day (similar to D-day, except nobody showed up)…The House adjourned early to avoid the “invasion” — I could hardly write that line with a straight face.


So, what happened? Where did all the bad guys go?

We’re to believe that a group of middle-aged suburbanites were planning to storm the Capitol, which looks like “Afghanistan Jr.” but suddenly changed their minds when the press got wind of it?

Or maybe they showed up and were so stealth we just didn’t know it?

A Daily Caller reporter decided to head to the DC-occupied zone and ask the National Guard exactly what was going on with the big Qanon invasion.

And their response really says it all.

Here’s what the reporter posted on Twitter: “I asked these National Guards troops, “more media than anyone else eh?” One replied, “true.” Another said, “yes.” Then we agreed that it’s a beautiful day.”


WOW… that sounds scary, right?

Lucky the House left for the day, and the Dems have stationed enough soldiers there to invade a small country.


In reality, there was never a “Qanon invasion” planned for March 4th, but the media and Dems want you to think that there was because the Dems love the optics.

They love to make it seem like there’s violence around every corner, that way they can keep painting President Trump like the leader of an “insurrection.”

It’s all smoke and mirrors, just like everything else we’ve been witnessing for the past year or so.


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