Liberals have had a really rough couple of days.


The Biden admin. has been put through the wringer, thanks to China who ate their lunch during the Alaska summit, and Russia who mocked and trolled Joe relentlessly, and then announced to the world that he has “dementia.”

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It was all capped off today, when Joe fell three times, struggling to make his way up the stairs to get onto Air Force One.

So, it’s not surprising that when Team Biden has a bad day, MAGA has a great one.

And Dan celebrated by sharing a viral “Trump/MAGA” video. It’s already got over 1.4 million views, and that’s as of this publishing.

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I’m sure it’ll go much higher.


The really funny part was that Dan added a “TDS warning” on the video, for all the liberals who won’t be able to handle it…and trust me, they’ll need it.

But I promise you’ll love it.

You can watch the video below:

Hopefully, that video brings a smile to your Friday.

We all miss President Trump, but it’s amazing that his light, love, and legacy lives on in so many creative, fun, and inspiring ways.


This movement isn’t going anywhere, and will just keep getting stronger.


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