I have been wondering what Governor Andrew Cuomo did to get buried like this.

He must’ve really pissed-off some very high-level people because the left doesn’t eat their own unless it’s for a very good reason.


Cuomo made someone on the left very mad, and that’s why the nursing home story “stuck.” The right has been talking about this story for eons now, but something he did, made the left decide to take him down.

And my guess is that it was de Blasio who’s behind it…why? I dunno. But I bet it’s him.

What we’re seeing right now is an all-out assault on Cuomo, and the once “golden boy” is about to be ousted as governor.

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But the left is being crafty – they would prefer for Andrew to go out on a #MeToo scandal, not a nursing home “serial killer” scandal – it looks better that way. So that’s why you’re suddenly seeing the scandal shift to #MeToo.

But it’s the nursing home killings that matter most.

However, with that said, Andrew Cuomo is a pervert.


As a matter of fact, there’s a newly uncovered video that’s making the rounds on the internet of Cuomo, seated next to his daughter at a banquet.

Seems innocent enough, right?


Cuomo starts lewdly taunting a female reporter and telling her to “eat an entire sausage.”  He even orders her a sausage and has her sit down at the table, and tells her to “eat the while sausage.”

What a cheeseball.

It’s obvious what he’s doing, and it’s disgusting enough as is – but the fact that his daughter is sitting there just makes it so much grosser.


Most of us women have known an “Andrew Cuomo” type at some point in our lives.

He’s a pig.


And you have to wonder if that’s how he’d like his daughter treated, right?

Furthermore, would he like his own parents treated the way he treated other people’s mothers and fathers in those nursing homes?




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