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I saw a strange alert on my Telegram app today. It wanted me to believe that the Navy Seals of all groups had arrested Hillary Clinton. While I’m no fan of the former Secretary of State, it felt absurd on its face.

I did a browser search (I don’t use Google, thank you very much) and saw exactly what I expected—no, Clinton had not been arrested. I enjoy a good yarn as much as the next fella’, but the sheer stupidity of this story had me rolling my eyes. For any fellow conservatives or Libertarians (my real home, even though it’s messy), the conspiracy theories don’t help the cause in gearing up for a midterm election less than twenty months away.


Even with President Trump not announcing any formal plans of running in 2022 or 2024, MAGA is a movement. The movement has considerable momentum. We need to build on that by bringing in more disaffected voters. That won’t happen when outlandish conspiracies are cycled and recycled.

The base for MAGA is substantial. President Trump won twenty-five states in the November election. He won twenty of those by double-digits and nine by twenty-five percent or more. It’s a massive statement about solidarity within the movement. By comparison, President Biden only won sixteen states by double-digits and only six by twenty-five percent or more.

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It should be noted that Biden’s Blue Wall carries more electors than MAGA’s Red Wave. Still, it’s no surprise. It has been the case for decades that a Republican has to take more states to make up for the massive haul of electors any Democrat candidate will easily win. With twenty states solidly red to sixteen terminally blue, it suggests MAGA has the space to expand its messaging.


The other side of the coin shows that Biden won six states by less than three percent. We all know these infamous ‘swing’ states. Many of us probably had some sleepless nights watching the events unfold, hoping the unusual irregularities would show those ‘swing’ states had not swung blue. For the record, Trump won only one state by less than three percent.

John Adams is famously quoted as saying, “facts are stubborn things.” The facts outlined above show a groundswell for MAGA: twenty states by double-digits, ten of those by twenty-five percent, and only one win with an uncomfortably thin margin. Heading into 2022 and 2024, this is the pole position. It looks stronger on paper than the opponent.

Since facts are so stubborn in their own right, there isn’t any need to drum up ‘breaking news’ that HRC has been arrested by the Seals and flown to Gitmo for a secretive military tribunal. We’re better off sticking to the facts and letting the Left drown in their false promises. I can’t see how conspiracy theories help our cause, but what do I know. I thought Trump won in November.

As always, this has been the World, According to Chris.



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