Poor Chelsea Clinton…She’s having a hard time dealing with the awkwardness of her shrew mother.


Turns out an old photo of Hillary looking horrified and totally out of place as she tours a “low-income” apartment, has majorly triggered Chelsea.

The photo was shared by conservative online pundit Caleb Hull with the caption, “I think about this photo at least once a week.”

Yes, and why not, it’s a funny-looking photo!

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Meghan Mcain commented on the image as well, saying she thinks about it too (she’s since deleted her comment).

Again, it’s a funny photo.

This photo has been used in many, many memes. I mean, why wouldn’t it? She’s a filthy rich politician who looks downright ridiculous in that setting.

There’s no argument – it’s funny – but of course, liberals have no sense of humor when it comes to their “sacred politicians.” In their twisted minds, the only person you can “legally” make fun of is Trump.

So, when Chelsea Clinton saw the image and the rather harmless comments from Caleb and Meghan she was instantly triggered.

Here’s what she said: “Meghan & Caleb – I don’t even think about a single photo of my mom once a week (& there would be millions to chose from!). It’s an image from 2016 when she visited @NYCHA building to pledge more funding for public housing, including to remove mold, like in the apartment pictured. ”

Yes, sure, Hillary was there to discuss mold and dilapidated conditions in 2016, not pose for a photo-op like a typical cheesy and sleazy politician.

Sure bet, Chelsea.

From New York Daily News

Hillary Clinton toured a problem-plagued NYCHA building in East Harlem on Friday and promised long-suffering residents she would always fight for their needs if elected — and would boost funding for affordable housing nationwide.

Clinton traveled to East 116th Street in Harlem for a tour of the Corsi Houses, a seniors-only New York City Housing Authority building that has struggled with mold, leaks and an inadequate repair system.

“I wanted to come here to really make a very strong plea that we do more when I am president to help the people who live in developments like this,” Clinton said.

She was given access to an apartment on the second floor that was in the midst of a major repair job to fix mold issues and leaks.

“It takes forever for repairs to get done,” City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, who acted as a tour guide, told her.
After the tour, Clinton told reporters and dozens of residents and locals that she would improve for NYCHA if elected.

“I will do everything I can as your president to remember what needs to be done here in the city that I love, that is the greatest city in the world,” she said to cheers from the crowd.

Well, she never became president, so I guess nothing happened to improve that apartment building?

I looked it up actually, and things at Corsi Houses are still a mess, as of 2019.

Let’s face it, Hillary has enough money and power that she could have raised the funds needed to fix that place herself in about an hour,  if she was that passionate about it, right?

An article from 2019 describes a “prayer vigil” to try and drum up support to get the Corsi Houses those much-needed updates that Hillary was so worried about back in 2016.

From Pix 11

It was a rally and prayer service led by a group called Occupy NYCHA inside the lobby of the Corsi Houses in Harlem Tuesday.

It was just last week PIX11 told you about 82-year-old Mabel Scott’s bathroom, it was falling apart. Scott’s sister passed away last month, her nephew ronald topping reached out to PIX11 to help his aunt Mabel get repairs.

“It’s my mothers dying wish to take care of Mabel,” said Topping holding back tears.

Maybe someone should let Hillary know so she can finally donate those “funds” she talked about back in 2o16?

Look, we all know why Hillary was there, don’t we?


It was just another silly PR stunt for an elite politician who’s spent her career lying and getting rich off of “public service.”

Chelsea also lives in an elitist bubble and has no clue why normal everyday Americans dislike her mother and her father.



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