This hilarious Biden “Wink” video went viral on TikTok, and I just now saw it on Twitter and thought you’d like to see it.


As you probably know by now, Biden voters are angry that their candidate has flaked on nearly every “promise” that he made.

Remember when he said he’d be sending it $2k checks out on “day one” of his presidency?

Haha. What a laugh.

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We’re almost 50 days into his sham “presidency” and *some* people will be getting $1400 checks…but they haven’t even been mailed out yet.

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He also promised a $15 dollar minimum wage – that’s not happening. Oh, and no student loan debt forgiveness either. And Biden also vowed to end President Trump’s immigration, and now he’s stuffing kids in “cages” (again).


Needless to say, a vast amount of people who voted for him are pissed off.

Here are a couple of examples:

That’s probably why this “wink-wink” video went viral.

It’s both funny and truthful.

This is how Biden’s low-info voters are feeling right now.

You can watch the video below:

Biden is a typical establishment puppet.

And establishment politicians don’t get anything done.


They make endless phony promises to get into office and then just go and do whatever they want.

They really do not care about “the people” at all.

I can’t believe those idiots fell for it.


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