Two video clips from last night’s Biden speech have caused some buzz online.


The first one is a behind-the-scene shot of the speech.

Many people thought Joe’s speech was pre-recorded – and this clip probably won’t help convince them otherwise.

This clip shows the “crowd” of people snapping pics of the “president. ” But it’s a small crowd that doesn’t show any actual “press” there.

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All we see is what appears to be WH photographers and some Biden staffers gathered around the gigantic teleprompter in the middle of the room.

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Meanwhile, Joe still refuses to hold a press conference.


Joe lives and dies by that teleprompter, and if he doesn’t have his pre-typed words, he can’t function…In truth, he can hardly function with the pre-typed words.


That behind-the-scenes clip has a “lights, camera, action” feel to it.

It’s been over 50 days since Biden has spoken in an official capacity to the press – and no other “president” has gone longer than that.

And that’s not something to be proud of.

The next clip is also alarming.

It’s a clip of Joe walking away from the podium at the end of his speech.

Just look at how shaky, frail, and weak this poor man looks as he keeps his head down and shuffles off.


Here’s what people are saying about both clips:

“Can you even imagine what they inject him with beforehand?!?”

“Oh, he had a massive medical cocktail. Probably won’t be able to even open his eyes today.”

“That giant tv prompter and no questions to ask… what a joke”

“Took no questions again, says he will be answering questions in the days to come. believe it when i see it.” 

“If you’re trying to project weakness, Joe’s your guy”

“Come on Dems do really think this guy is all there&this is an above board presidency?Dementia Joe can’t put five words together.He spent all day yesterday practicing”

“Cheater in Chief”

“no press. just approve white house photographers” 

It’s not just his mental faculties that appear to be on the fritz, he also doesn’t appear to be “there” physically either.

The American people can see what’s happening, even if the media and the Dems pretend it’s not an issue.

This is a man who I’d venture to say is likely in the mid-stages of Dementia or Alzheimer’s, and who’s doesn’t have the mental or physical capacity to take care of himself, let alone the country.


We all know what’s going on. We can see it with our own eyes and hear it with our ears. The question now is, how much longer will Joe’s handlers let this go on?

Because loading him up with a “doctor’s cocktail,” and occasionally trotting him out for a few minutes to read a teleprompter isn’t going to cut it anymore.

We all know what the next move will be…and in truth, “she” might be scarier than the pathetic empty shell we have now.


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