Joe Biden delivered a “live speech” from the White House last night.


It was a bizarre speech filled with a lot of “WTF???” moments, and a lot of lies, too.

In a wild “WTF??” moment, Biden tried to take credit for the COVID vaccine.

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Now, I don’t care where you stand on the vaccine, but regardless of whether you support it or not,  you can’t deny the FACT that it was President Trump’s “Operation Warp” speed that gave us the vaccine(s) in record time.

It’s absurd to suggest otherwise, yet of course, that’s exactly what cheater and plagiariser Joe Biden did.

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The speech was also really, really dark and dystopian.

At one point, he told Americans that if everyone gets vaccinated by May, we *might* be able to host “small” backyard get-togethers with some family and friends.

Trust me, that didn’t go over well.



Oh gee, thank you Government God for granting me bbq ribs with 3 family members. 🙄

Charles Payne from Fox News has a message for ol’ Bumbling Joe:

Who does this clown think he is? A huge chunk of the country is already living normally. It’s his crazy base that is worshiping at the altar of COVID-19 and acting like lunatics.

Again, this was a really, really bizarre message that put a lot of people off…but actor Randy Quaid wasn’t just “put off” by the comments, he thinks what Joe said about the vaccine has a bigger and deeper meaning and is tied to the 2022 election.

Here’s what Randy Quaid said: “Dems want NO ID voting laws, but want a massive influx of un-documented – To get vaxxed you must register WITH ID- Thus, Biden cabal now “requiring/requesting” all 18 & over IDs to get vaxxed by May. Dems want to use vaccine to figure out how many zombie voters they need for ‘22.”

It’s an interesting theory.

Imagine the database that they can create by capturing the contact info of so many people in one quick place – many people they would otherwise not even know about.

This would be very, very powerful.

At this point, I think you’re a crazy conspiracy theorist if you don’t think “fishy” stuff is going on with this virus.


It’s like we’re living in two different countries right now.

The left side is living in a dark, virus hell-hole, while the right side is living normally. Very strange how this is all playing out, right?


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