Have you heard about how China humiliated the Biden admin to their faces on US soil, and on live TV?


It’s utterly and completely embarrassing how the United States was treated by China, thanks to Biden’s weakness and global disrespect.

It really does feel like the “Obama years” all over again, when the world treated us like a weak joke.

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It happened at the summit in Alaska. The Biden admin invited China to the US to kowtow to them, and beg and plead for mercy after President Trump spent four years showing them who’s boss.

Well, in perfect “communist dictator” fashion, China reacted to the weakness exactly how you’d expect them to – they humiliated the Biden admin right to their faces on US soil.

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They called the US “weak” and not “leaders.”


And what did the Biden admin do? Did they get up and walk away? Did they tell China to beat it?

No, of course not. They sat there like a bunch of weak dunces and took it all.


This tweet sums things up nicely.

But it wasn’t just China that walloped Biden. It’s China, Russia, and North Korea. They’re all mocking Biden, laughing at him, and trolling and taunting him.

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High-ranking Russian officials actually called Joe’s his dementia, for the whole world to see.

It was horrific.

I think this tweet here sums up the China disaster perfectly:

While our media and Dems spin the 2020 election as a huge historic victory for Biden, we and the world all know what really happened.

The thing is, here in the United States we can’t say out loud what happened, or we could be ‘canceled and have our livelihood ruined, or be labeled “Q kooks.”


But in communist countries that are run by murderous dictators, they know what’s up and they can call it out freely.

Says a lot about us, doesn’t it?



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