An independent journalist who works for an outlet called “Real America’s Voice” was on the US/Mexico border in Yuma, AZ.


The reporters’ name is Ben Berquam, and he filmed while he was in Yuma, and claims to uncovered some very disturbing stuff.

As you likely know, there is a massive crisis ongoing at the border now that Biden has been placed in the White House. Suddenly, there’s a large influx of migrants, many are children, and the facilities that the media called “cages” when President Trump was in office, are overflowing with minors, who are reportedly sleeping on the floors and can’t take regular showers.

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The concern for most sensible people is that some of these children are either being trafficked or used as “bait” just to get into the country and then just discarded.

It’s clear that this goes on in the world, so it’s common-sense to assume that it’s happening on some level at the US/Mexico border, obviously.

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Yet, it appears that nobody in the Biden admin is all that concerned.


This is why you see a lot of independent journalists heading out to the border in order to get the story out and find out what’s really going on.

And what Mr. Berquam did when he went to Yuma…and what he says he found on the ground there is highly, highly disturbing.

Mr. Berquam took a video of a lot of garbage on the ground, including children’s clothing, condoms, and lubrication.


These are not the type of items you want to see in close proximity out in the middle of the desert.

We haven’t seen a situation like this crisis at the border in a long while.


President Trump had his challenges at the border, but he was able to get it under control.

Biden has a lapdog media that won’t call this stuff out, but it’s real, and it’s happening, and kids need help – but suddenly, people like AOC and all the other Dems just don’t care about the “kids in cages” anymore, let alone what this surge is doing to our country as well.




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