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Every White House has an obligation to inform the American people regularly. I thought presidents could multi-task. I guess this one is too focused on his Lincoln Logs to be concerned with anything else.

Today is Day 52 in the life of an American President that won’t address the media and take even softball questions.

According to the White House Transition Project, in his first two years in office, President Donald Trump had nearly 600 on-the-record media interactions, more than any other recent president except Bill Clinton and far more than his last two predecessors.


Where the hell is Old Man Joe Biden?

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There is a perception that Biden struggles to answer questions coherently unless he is in a stage-managed setting. If that is not true, wouldn’t he be keen to demonstrate otherwise? He shows no desire to do so tells his own story, even with the supine media trying to ignore it.

The guy is afraid. His wife is afraid. His VP is really afraid. We are being led by a White House that lives in fear. It lives in fear that they will discover their weakness. They are too dumb to realize that their weakness is apparent to everyone. China is now the most powerful and influential country in the world. And we let it happen because we are weak. Pax Romana lasted for several hundred years and ended with the defeat of Rome. Pax Britannia lasted for about a hundred years and ended when the UK was exhausted after two world wars. Pax America lasted about 75 years and ended because we were more interested in the internet than dominating the planet. A world dominated by China is not going to be easy for us.

It is getting tougher and tougher for White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki to keep justifying Biden’s lack of interaction with the press.

Biden repeated promises to Americans that he’d always be “straight” and “transparent.” But he has gone longer without a formal, solo news conference than any of his 15 predecessors over the past 100 years. We are just wondering if he has the clearness of head and expression?


If he has the capacity for an impromptu reply without taking a note? If he has the ability to debate on an intricate subject involving perhaps complicated figures?

Or if he has any clear policy in his mind? Press conferences are an indispensable part of the presidency, and tough exchanges in such a setting can reveal much more to Americans about a president’s thinking and test his explanations, especially when the nation deals with multiple crises — a deadly pandemic, the devastating economic fallout, illegal immigrants, etc.

Right now, Joe is playing doctor by focusing all his energy on getting Americans to get a vaccine they don’t need to protect themselves against a virus that is an overblown cold for the vast majority of us. Meanwhile, China is dominating us, gas prices are soaring, and there is a full-blown crisis at the border. Now we see why so fiercely contested that stolen election.

Biden is busy working on his tax increases and his repealing of the Trump tax cuts. Those will help pay for the trillions of dollars for the Green new deal, which not one American will ever feel any difference in their lives from directly, but indirectly they will feel rising energy costs, skyrocketing gas process, increase travel costs, increased delivery costs, and increasingly burdensome regulations also making costs go up. So yeah, we’ll feel some of Biden’s handiwork, but it won’t be a good kind of feeling.


Let’s face facts; Joe does not have the mental acuity to hold a press conference; he cannot even remember the name of his cabinet members and what they do. ‘s speaking on his own instead of reading from a teleprompter will generate a historical high of voter remorse and create even more divisiveness between elected officials and the citizens. The democratic party and Joe’s family all bear the guilt of letting him run for election. It pretty much tells you about their honesty and credibility.

It’s funny how President Trump gave a Press Conference to keep the people informed about the Pandemic. He also coordinated with getting a vaccine out to all of America and early on focused American Pharmaceutical Industries in developing one. All that and keeping the American People informed too. Even with a Hostile and Threatening Media bent on his destruction.

Here we are today with a President barely able to put sentences incoherent order or, for that matter, for the current President to be coherent at all.



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