The boycott of Fox News has been tough for a lot of people because they miss their “favorites.”


And among the most missed and favorite is Tucker Carlson.

A lot of people would love to see Tucker tell Fox News where to shove it.

But there’s a problem with that scenario.

Tucker has boxed himself in.

He has nothing outside of Fox.

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He’s not part of Daily Caller anymore and he doesn’t have a podcast or a website.

He’s basically just “Fox News Tucker.”

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So, if he left Fox, where would he go?

Newsmax or OANN? Sure, but they couldn’t pay him even close to what Fox News does – they just don’t have that type of financial foundation at this point.

So, this was always a concern for his fans – if Tucker is fired or wants to walk away, what will he do?

The smart move is to start something new now, so if that day comes you’ve already got it rolling.


Well, that appears to be exactly what Tucker is now doing…not only is he going to start a podcast, which is amazing…but he’s going to start an investigative series.

Even better.

Senior Reporter Curt Mills, who writes for “Ameican Conservative” made the announcement.

Here’s what he said: “Tucker announces he’s launching a podcast and a new investigative series”


We need this – someone like Tucker, with the know-how and resources to be doing dedicated investigative journalism, is a game-changer.

And now that we’ve lost Rush’s voice, we need big, bold conservative, and populist voices to step up and help fill that void.


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