Liberals at this point just need to own up to the fact that they hate freedom of speech.

Unless you’re spouting beliefs that they agree with, then you are an enemy who needs to be silenced immediately.


You see this constantly in the mainstream media, social media and in just every day situations.

Speaking of everyday situations, a man was recently caught on video getting tackled at an ice rink in NYC, presumably because he was carrying a Trump 2024 flag.

That was his crime apparently, a FLAG.

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In the video you can see quite a few people surrounding and attacking the man, which is beyond excessive.

Unless this guy was just caught trying to commit a crime, there’s no excuse for this type of response to someone just holding a flag.

Watch the video:

Isn’t it amazing how tolerant the left is?

Users on Twitter were also astounded by their kindness…

Look at all that tolerance

Free speech died in 2020.. rip

I love the tolerant left.

If those idiots hate Trump then they shouldn’t skate at the rink he is responsible for reviving. Why are leftists so violent? Nothing but a bunch of thugs looking for someone to attack.



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