If there’s one thing that will really piss off Americans, it’s high gas prices.


I don’t care what side of the aisle you’re on, if you’re paying more at the gas pumps you will be angry.

And it’s already happening under Joe Biden.

We went from being energy-independent under President Trump to being energy-dependent under Biden.

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Just l0ok at these scary facts: “Oil is now $61.30 a barrel and rising drastically! On January 5th, it was around $25.00 a barrel. Are you awake yet?”

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And speaking of scary, take a look at these two Texas gas receipts. One is from December 3, 2020, and the other is from February 12, 2021.

According to the receipts, both are from the exact same gas station.


Please note, the February 12th date is well before the “winter storms” broke out in Texas.

The gas was 1.99 under President Trump and has already jumped to 2.59 under Biden.

That’s a really big jump in only two-months time, right?

Biden is walking into a minefield with these gas prices.

This is not something that he can falsely blame on President Trump.


We all know how great things were with the Keystone Pipeline and enjoyed the low gas prices, thanks to President Trump – and only President Trump.

And now, as Americans need the relief most as they struggle through the already sluggish Biden economy and tyrannical COVID lockdowns, they’ll be held hostage at the gas pump.

Thanks a lot, Joe.


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