Tom Brady caused quite a stir hours before the Super Bowl kick-off.


He showed up at the arena in Florida without a mask.

As you can imagine, the liberal left went bonkers.

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Tom Brady lives in Florida – and the big game was played in his new home state, and Florida is among the “freest” state in the nation. If he doesn’t want to wear a mask, he doesn’t have to.

He’s not breaking any rules.

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Tom Bady is also young – he’s only 43-years-old, and he’s also the picture of perfect health.

If he does catch COVID, he has a 99.98+ percent chance of survival. Furthermore, if anyone around him were to catch it, they also have great odds to beat it according to the latest CDC numbers.

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Even if you’re 70-years-old, you still have nearly a 95 percent chance of survival.

Even still, the media and Dems are doubling and tripling down on wearing masks – they’re now calling on Americans to wear two masks instead of one.

The rules of the game are always changing. It was just last year when Fauci said wearing a mask wouldn’t help much at all.

And speaking of masks…just after Brady’s Super Bowl win, sports reporter Jim Nantz was trying to interview him while wearing a mask, and standing “six-feet” away.


It clearly wasn’t working – Brady couldn’t even hear him, so he told Jim to “come a little closer.”

Many saw that as a subtle way of calling out the media’s obsession of showing off mask-wearing and social distancing.

You can watch the video below:

Here are some of the comments:


“He was giving him the needle big time, no doubt. Could of just as well said “quit being a coward Jim and come on over if you’d like to talk like an adult.””

“Was that priceless or what?”


“Best part of the evening”

“I loved it. I wanted TB to say “grow a pair Jim and take that stupid fking bondage submission placebo off your face and try doing your job like some semblance of a man not a coward sheep”.”

“I became a Tom Brady fan tonight. Not because he’s the greatest QB in the history of ever, but because he’s not playing their game.”

The country is definitely split right down the middle when it comes to masks and also over the way our media reports on COVID.

This is yet another huge issue that Americans can’t see eye-to-eye on and a big reason why this country is so divided.


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