There’s one person who is triggering liberals left and right, and no, it’s not Trump or Marjorie Taylor Greene, but Tom Brady.

He’s been spotted without a mask the past few days, and boy, oh boy is the left losing their marbles over it.


Following his Super Bowl win, Brady was caught on video day drunk, showing off his trophy and of course, had NO mask.

Check it out:

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And the liberal meltdowns over this were quite a sight to see:

He’s not wearing a mask. #COVIDIOT #assholeoftheday #WearAMask

Drunk or not … where’s his mask?… double standards for Tom … double mask for everyone else.

Covid-19 is the only think that i have a smile on my face of knowing he might get it and finally his Luck runs out!

Sucks that he’s now gonna get the rona. I mean, enjoy the victory but for God’s sake, 😷 up!!

Wonder if his covid symptoms or his hangover will be worse?

Endangering his daughter. Tool. Gisele is going to be very mad.

AND he put his daughter in harms way. WTF!


These people are nuts.

Why can’t Brady, or any human being for that matter, just enjoy time outdoors celebrating with friends?

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