Just one day after the legendary conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh passed away, the women of the ABC talk show “The View” publicly blasted him and his fans. They went so far as to say that he “normalized hatred” for “people sitting in their trucks in the middle of America,” and to suggest that he was in Hell.


“I remember listening to him as a kid growing up, and for me, he just normalized hatred,” said co-host Sunny Hostin. “He normalized racism, and I think he really weaponized White male grievance, and he hardened these rural White listeners, people sitting in their trucks in the middle of America, and in the south, listening to Rush Limbaugh.”

After rattling off a list of things said by Limbaugh that she deemed to be offensive, Hostin said that he paved the way for “Trumpism.”

“This is someone who spewed racism and hatred, yet he is now considered I guess an influential person in building the modern Republican Party and conservatism … I don’t know that that’s something to be proud of,” she said.

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Meghan McCain, the only conservative on the panel, said that while some of the comments that Limbaugh made about her family were “incendiary,” she had to give him credit for bringing about the rise of “infotainment.”

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“Which, by the way, is what we do here on ‘The View,’ this hybrid of information and entertainment at the same time,” she said. “He completely revolutionized the way media was done … By the way, the infotainment isn’t just something the Right has co-opted. It’s something the Democrats do on MSNBC as well.”

McCain’s cohosts, however, did not agree with her. Sara Haines went so far as to suggest that Limbaugh is currently in Hell.

“At the end of our lives, it’s just us, answering for everything we did, who we were, what we said, and how we treated people,” Haines said. “And so now, Judgment Day has arrived for Rush Limbaugh.”


McCain still would not back down, saying that conservatives deserve more representation in the media.

“Part of the reason people like Rush are so popular is there are no conservatives in mainstream media,” McCain said. “There’s only one [Republican on The View,] and there’s four of you.”

Check out the full segment below.


This piece was written by James Samson on February 19, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.


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