Team Biden should rename themselves “Team Disaster.”


The entire admin is imploding, and it’s only been about 30 days.

One of the biggest issues they’re having right now is “school opening.” Parents are livid and want schools open, but teachers’ unions are lazy and want a free and easy ride for teachers, and are refusing to go back into the classroom.

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This impacts poor Americans most, because Americans with disposable income, or who can juggle finances can send their kids to private school, or home school, but poor families are at the mercy of these evil teachers’ unions.

“Zoom learning” is a total joke, and kids are suffering….mainly poor kids, who need a good, solid focused education most of all.

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Joe’s all over the map on this issue, afraid to anger the unions, and won’t commit to reopening schools, even though all of the SCIENCE says it’d be fine.

But that’s not all…he’s also under fire for lying about the $2K COVID relief. That’s not happening now. Americans will be lucky to get 1400, to be honest…and to make matters worse, Joe said those $2k checks would be cut on “day one.”


Well, it’s day 30-something and we still don’t have a check of any amount that’s been mailed out…and people are livid.

But there’s more…Now they’ve also got the horrific Andrew Cuomo scandal out of New York.

Jen Psaki – the “not-ready-for-prime-time” WH spokesperson appeared on ABC News where Jon Karl asked her about Biden’s past claim that (murderer) Andrew Cuomo was the “gold standard” of COVID relief.

The “Gold Standard” of serial killers, maybe…

If you want to see a “deer-in-headlights” awkward moment – this is it.

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Psaki is so ill-prepared, and looks like such a rookie, unable to respond to the question – it’s reminiscent of Kamala Harris’ recent blabbering response about school openings. She could hardly get any words out.

You can watch the video below:

The Biden admin is a complete and total disaster.

Take a look at this poll:

It’s clear, that the media and social media literally interfered in the 2020 election by suppressing information in order to help Biden’s installation.


Biden’s vision was not what Americans wanted or needed, and if you think stuff is bad now at just 30 days in, just wait – it’s going to get a helluva lot worse for Team Biden and the Dems. I guarantee it.

The one thing we must do is make sure that we never allow this “mail-in ballot scam” to happen again. Ever. If we do, these sketchy “elections” will keep happening.


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