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America won’t be healed any more than the Soviet Union was. The Democrazies and Republocrats hate the majority of us far more than the Politburo ever hated its proles. (Much more than 75 million Americans voted for President Trump, as you know. That’s only the amount of votes he was left with after the Democrazies stole the rest and added at least twenty million to Dementia Joe.)

America will collapse as the USSR did, but who can predict in what way?

Even if it keeps the name and all fifty states, it won’t be America. It’s been a month since the inauguration, and the military occupies the Capitol. At the same time, Congress plots with the administration to purge dissidents with show trials, reeducation, loss of livelihood, property loss, and flat-out prison time. The slogan of “unity” really means obedience to the Dirtbagocrat party and complete acceptance of their coup.


What is a fact – and must be stated and accepted- is that there are two nations and two peoples within the United States’ borders. One is based on individual freedom and limited government, the principles of the Founders. The other is Marxist and totalitarian and despises the Founders’ ideas.

There is no getting around it. There are only a few ways forward. One is acquiescence and submission by the right, a group not prone to militancy.

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Another is a massive Christian revival, but given that much of western Christendom’s hierarchy has been captured by the left, that is highly unlikely. Certainly within the time needed to prevent the other paths.

Another scenario is a retaking of the federal government by the GOP; given the weakness of party leaders – many don’t even see that we are at war – and the Democrat move to codify corrupt electoral practices, that is also highly unlikely.

Could a convention of the state’s turn the tide? There are not enough states, and worse, not enough time. It is a constitutional process in a post-constitutional time.

A split into two nations is what I see as the only way forward. Given that the philosophical split occurs within all states, primarily between urban and rural, I doubt it will be a congenial, non-violent split. In fact, the left’s violence against the right began in earnest last summer and is now moving from the streets into the workplace and the courts.

So we have Big screen TVs, social media, and cars? Those don’t make a country, and they sure don’t make us free. They’re just a more comfortable version of Orwell’s prolefeed.


We sat back and watched a year of ongoing murderous and destructive terrorism by media back anarchists and pajama boy crybabies and did nothing. At the same time, the Democrazies aided and lionized them. We’ve suffered nearly a year of Dirtbagocrat mask mandates and lockdown restrictions without rebellion. We watched real domestic enemies of our country blatantly steal a Presidential election and did nothing. And now the Democrazies vow to punish dissidents in the same ways totalitarian regimes have always done, and we still do nothing.

America as we use to know it is done. The beginning of the end, as people used to say. Except for this time, it’s real. Oh, and did I mention the impending economic ruin? That’s inevitable given the policies being imposed by Biden and his lackeys. We could end up in another great depression, and the current government doesn’t have the capability to alleviate one, much less reverse it—quite the opposite.

Done. Over. For all intents and purposes. And those are all that really matters because the reality of a ruined America trumps Dirtbagocrat propaganda.

Now that I have vented, I still have hope, but it is getting harder and harder to sustain. Everybody needs a space to vent, am I right?

There are a couple of sayings that give hope but which do not always hold either.
One is “It is always darkest before dawn,” the other ” addicts have to reach rock bottom before recovery can occur.”


There are times where dawn is just as dark with emerging darkening storms or blizzards. Then one has to wait quite sometime before another dawn appears. Also, not every addict who reaches rock bottom starts on the road to recovery. Some get very sick, and some even die.

Most importantly, one thing, we have to remain hopeful while also acknowledging reality but doing anything in our power to resist the present tyranny.



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