Nancy Pelosi’s war against conservatives counties to rage and now she’s set her sights on a new target: our very own Wayne Dupree.


In a statement released by her office about Steve Scalise urging House Republicans to block money for the COVID-19 vaccine, Pelosi not only went after Scalise but also Wayne, falsely stating that he’s actively trying to cast doubly on the vaccine.

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Shortly after Pelosi’s untruthful and nasty attack, Wayne issued a stunning rebuke:

Six hundred (600) impoverished African-American men were enrolled in a study to observe untreated syphilis by the government back in 1932. These men were promised free medical care and told the study was only going to last six months – it lasted 40 years and the worst of it……in 1947, an antibiotic was discovered that could have helped and they were never told about it. But Pelosi wants to cancel me?

Below is a snippet discussing the Speaker and media’s attempts to cancel Wayne from his very popular podcast.


Pelosi’s office is outright lying. Wayne Dupree has never told anyone not to take the vaccine.

Not once.

“I never encouraged people not to take it, I said I wasn’t going to take it,” Wayne stated.

This is the tweet Pelosi’s office used to make their case that Wayne is an “anti-vaxxer” influencing others:

Does that tweet sound like Wayne is foisting his opinion on others or poo-pooing the vaccine for anyone?

Of course not – that’s absurd. He’s allowed to have an opinion, right?

Differing opinions and beliefs are still okay in America, yes?

Just to set the record straight, this tweet below is exactly how Wayne has been discussing the vaccine topic:


What we’re witnessing now is just more spin, lies, and “cancel culture” from the left.

We’ve all seen this a million times before – and good for Wayne for standing up against this evil.

We need more people like this who aren’t afraid to push back against the swamp!

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