I just saw this tweet online, and I knew I had to get it to you right away.


Not because you don’t already know this, or believe it yourself…but because you do.

At a time when everything, everywhere is filled with lies and propaganda, we need to share the truth more than ever.

And I really liked the way this guy spoke the truth – two quick, easy sentences – boom, done.


Right now, traitors like Mitch McConnell, Nikki Haley, Liz Cheney, and Adam Kinzinger are on a mission to try and “retake” the GOP back from President Trump.

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Just last week Nikki Haley, who President Trump has stood by, even when she didn’t deserve it, slammed him.

All of the GOP establishment traitors are trying to use the Jan. 6th Capitol melee to “finish off” President Trump.


Here’s what Haley said, referring to Jan. 6th:

“Nikki Haley said Trump would begin to feel “isolated” due to his “actions.” Now she is begging for a meeting and he declined. Hilarious.”

Absolute hogwash.

We all know President Trump had NOTHING to do with that outburst at the Capitol…but nevertheless, the GOP did their best to make it seem like he did.

After they hung him and 75+ million of his voters out to dry by never showing even a whiff of concern over a totally sketchy election with unprecedented and uncontrolled mail-in ballots, the GOP then tried their best to paint President Trump as some “evil vanquished dictator” who was trying to start the next civil war.

It was insanely silly.

The establishment is trying to deflect from reality by claiming all the anger towards the GOP isn’t because of their failures — it’s because of President Trump himself.

They couldn’t be more wrong — again — they’re always wrong.


And this tweet from a MAGA businessman Daniel Hill, couldn’t be more spot-on and perfect in addressing this silly narrative – and I know you’ll relate to it.

Here’s what Daniel said: “People are not leaving the Republican party in droves because they are mad at President Trump. They are leaving because they are mad at Establishment Republicans for stabbing him in the back. And accepting the election fraud.”

Daniel nailed it right on the dang head.

We are angry that these globalist liars, who we know were “in on it,” stabbed our America First President in the back, and then accepted, without even blinking an eye, the election results.

Once again, the only person fighting for us – fighting at all – is President Trump, and that’s why he is the leader of the GOP, and frauds like Nikki Haley have no place in the Trump Republican Party.


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