Yesterday President Trump issued a warning to the GOP.


In a scathing rebuke of Mitch McConnell, President Trump warned all Republicans that if they align with Mitch, their political careers are over.

And the warning must’ve worked because now we have a top Republican who is speaking out against Mitch McConnell in very strong terms.

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Senator Ron Johnson is now calling out Mitch McConnell and making it clear that he does not speak for the majority of Republican senators.

From Bizpaceview

Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson declined to endorse Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s harsh criticism of former President Donald Trump, instead saying that his earlier remarks were out of step with his own caucus.

McConnell was one of 43 Republican senators who voted to acquit Trump on a charge of inciting the Capitol insurrection on Jan. 6. But following his vote, he criticized the former president and said Trump was “practically and morally responsible” for the deadly riot and that he only voted to acquit because the Constitution does not allow for a private citizen to be convicted.

“From my standpoint, Leader McConnell speaks for himself,” Johnson said Tuesday on The Ross Kaminsky Show. “In this case, I don’t believe he speaks for the conference, and I think he needs to be a little careful.”

“You know when I speak, I do actually try and take in mind how it might reflect on the party,” Johnson said, adding that McConnell’s remarks did not reflect how the “vast majority of Republican senators” felt.


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The GOP knows that now that the impeachment sham is over, President Trump is about to make his big political comeback, and they’re scrambling to cover their butts.

President Trump holds all the cards right now. This is his GOP, and he knows it and so does everyone else.


Mitch McConnell showed his cards – it’s now abundantly clear that he was in on the whole thing.

Trump sees it, and we see it – and how he’s making his move to knock McConnell down from his leadership role and turning the entire party against him.

And it’s working.



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