Mitch McConnell is flip flopping more than a dead fish at this point.

He’s gone back and forth so many times on Trump, it’s practically given us all whiplash.


Though his latest condemnation of Trump following the second impeachment trial had many believing that he had finally transitioned to the dark side.

But apparently not…

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During a recent interview with Fox News, McConnell was asked point-blank if he would support Trump in 2024 if he were the nominee, to which McConnell responded “Absolutely.”

Watch the video:

Clearly McConnell is just saying anything at this point to gain favor and power.

And there are many who can see right through his honeyed words:

So much for the strongly worded condemnation. I mean, all worth it for another Gorsuch.

McConnell with visions of Judges and money dancing in his head!

Say one thing but do another. Little mitch listen closely Your. Words. Mean. Nothing.

Whoever keeps voting him into office PLEASE STOP!!!‘.  

What a spineless creature

This man is a shameless POS whose singular aim is to gain and wield power. He may claim he wants it so he can govern, but when he is not ON TOP, he does NOT govern. He wants power to enforce his will. Period. Disgusting piece of human pus.


McConnell certainly is spineless.

He literally is grasping at anything he can to guarantee his “power.”

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