It seems like every time we turn around the Dems are weaving another web of impeachment lies.


They were called out for a slew of them yesterday.

The two biggest ones were the “manipulated” Trump speech video they played, completely omitting the part of his speech where he told everyone to go “peacefully and patriotically” to the Capitol.

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Not exactly “insurrection” type instructions, right? Yet, the Dems left that part of the speech – a crucial moment – off. Why? Why are they trying to “manipulate” the media to tell a different story?

I think we all know why.

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The other big whopper of the day involved Senator Mike Lee – impeachment managers actually attributed a completely false quote to him during yesterday’s presentation.


Mr. Lee said he never uttered those words the Dems claimed he did, and what they said happened – never happened.

Is this a trial or an SNL skit?

From New York Post

Confusion reigned in the final moments of Day 2 of former President Donald Trump’s Senate impeachment trial on Wednesday when an angry GOP Sen. Mike Lee insisted he had been misquoted by House impeachment managers.

As the Democratic lawmakers closed their first of two days of arguments, Lee (R-Utah) rose to his feet and demanded they strike from the record an account the House impeachment managers gave of a phone call Trump mistakenly placed to Lee during the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

“They are not true! They were false!” Lee said of the House managers’ arguments. “I ask them to be stricken.”

Media reports citing unnamed sources saying Trump called Lee during the riot when he had been trying to reach freshman Sen. Tommy Tuberville of Alabama were used during the trial.

According to the reports, as the siege was ongoing, Lee handed his phone to Tuberville and Trump urged the Republican to file additional objections to the Electoral College vote which Congress was certifying before the riot.

You can watch the video below:

How on earth can the American people have confidence in this process or our government, when this supposedly “serious” event – the IMPEACHMENT of a president (not even a sitting president) is treated (twice) as a total circus.


This is what Dems do – they take our longstanding and respectful processes and traditions, like nominating SCOTUS justices and impeachment, and they turn them into a circus.

It’s shameful – Dems don’t care about doing things the right way – all they care about is winning and power.


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