Remember TDS? Trump Derrangement Syndrome?

Well now now there’s a new illness and it’s called Majorie Taylor Greene Derrangment Syndrome, or otherwise know as MTG syndrome.


The left is so unbelievably obsessed with her that just the mere mention of her name sends them into hysterics.

And her latest video of her doing pull ups has completely sent them over the edge.

Check it out:

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And here’s some of liberals over-the-top reactions to this simple video:

Looking weak there… two strained reps and letting the video loop isn’t reps.

form looks like shit

Desperate attention seeker. Not impressed.

if you only got a boost in your brain and soul the way you do on your body….. such a shame the other two as not improving or even keeping up…                                                                               

What’s the penalty for damaging Federal property, honey…Cause the top of that door jam is about ready to rip the fuck out 🥴

You should put that much effort into your actual job!

Getting ready for CPAC? Oh wait, you weren’t invited 🤪


The hate the left has for this woman is truly unbelievable.

Is it possible that they might actually hate her more than Trump at this point.

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