Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is on a quest to save women…namely women’s sports.


She’s very passionate about making sure that young women are not disenfranchised by men who change over to “women.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene is fighting tooth and nail against the unfair “Equality Act.”

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Her congressional neighbor Rep.Newman is fighting to take away women’s rights, and she recently put up a “trans flag” outside of her office to show her support.

So, Rep Taylor Greene came up with a way to respond to that, and also show her support for women.

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She put up a sign outside of her office that will surely trigger every single Dem into “meltdown mode.”


Her sign reads: “There Are Only Two Genders: Male and Female.”

Absolutely brilliant.

You can watch the videos below:

It’s ironic that the party that claims to support women the most is the first one to throw women under the bus.

If transgender folks want to play in sports, they should form their own league or group.


After all, that’s what liberals tell conservatives to do all the time…if we don’t like Twitter or “Facebook” we should just go make our own social media, right?

So, perhaps they should take their own advice in this situation, that way it will be a lot fairer to everyone.


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