Chilling and shocking video footage is going viral this week showing the moment a Peruvian lawyer stripped naked on Zoom and proceeded to have sex during a court hearing.


The U.K. Sun reported that an investigation has since been launched into lawyer Hector Paredes Robles, who was branded a disgrace by the judge presiding over the virtual hearing that he did this during.

The disturbing footage shows Paredes Robles strip naked and sit on a chair before a nude brunette startles him as stunned court officials and attorneys look on in horror. A female aide desperately tried to tell Paredes Robles that his sexual escapades were being caught on camera, and the judge called over a police officer to take action.

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In this hearing, Paredes Robles was supposed to be defending a detainee being held over an operation against an organized crime ring.

“We are witnessing obscene acts which represent a violation of public decency and are aggravated by the fact they are being recorded nationally,” the judge said.

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“It’s Hector Paredes Robles’ camera,” a female court worker could be heard saying, before the judge added, “I instruct the State Prosecution Service to launch an immediate investigation.”

Warning graphic:

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Afterward, Paredes Robles was barred from any further involvement in the ongoing land trafficking, fraud, and extortion case. He was also told that he would be hit with two different investigations, one by state prosecutors and another by his local bar association. Some publications have reported that the brunette woman was a client of Paredes Robles, but she has yet to officially be identified.

“Hector Paredes Robles has been fully identified as the lawyer who has disrespected the dignity of this court as well as the other lawyers present and the legal profession as a whole,” the judge said in a statement.

A regional High Court statement went on to add, “We condemn the actions of the lawyer Hector Paredes Robles who during a virtual remand hearing committed obscene acts which violated public decency.”


“The judge in charge of the hearing excluded the lawyer from the defense representatives and ordered a duty lawyer to replace him,” the statement continued. “He also ruled that Peru’s Public Ministry and the local bar association should be informed so they can take appropriate action.”

This was definitely a court hearing that nobody in attendance will ever forget!



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