Liz Cheney is a perfect example of everything that is wrong with the Republican Party.


Besides the fact that she’s a globalist warmonger, she’s also a Stage 5 TDS sufferer, and she can’t make any decisions because – like all liberals – the only thing she can think about is “Trump, Trump, Trump.”

Politicians like Liz, Adam Kinzinger, Mitt, and Mitch are the main reasons that there are so much animosity and angst with Republican Party voters.

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And because Liz can’t seem to keep her big yap shut, she is causing more chaos and turmoil.

You could see that very chaos and turmoil all over Kevin McCarthy’s face during a weekly House press briefing.

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McCarthy was asked about whether or not President Trump should speak at CPAC, and he said a resounding “yes.”

The reporter then asked Cheney, who went off on another one of her smug anti-Trump speeches about how President Trump shouldn’t have a leadership role in the party.

Just look at how uncomfortable and annoyed McCarthy looks as Liz speaks. He can’t even hide it.



Here’s the full presser:

McCarthy is an idiot for keeping Cheney in her “leadership” position.

And the only way she even stayed in that position was because he wimped out and held an anonymous vote.


This warmongering globalist does not represent her constituents or the majority in the Republican Party.

Liz Cheney and her father represents a failed past. This woman is the perfect example of the type of  RINO we must primary and send packing.


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